Cajun Industries Office Expansion

Prior to this expansion, the site consisted of approximately 13 acres, with the campus containing two office buildings along with numerous industrial buildings. The project required a new 30,200 sq. ft. building for the expansion of corporate offices and training facilities. The landscape architect worked closely with the architects and the owners to develop a site plan that would not only fulfill the need for new space, but would also correct several current site problems that had developed over the years. These included poor circulation between buildings, conflicts with heavy truck traffic accessing the site near the front door of the corporate offices, security issues due to lack of control of visitors that were on site for training classes and hiring, and lack of quality outdoor space for gathering at breaks, lunch, and company events. The new site plan perfectly places the new building and provides a contemporary garden between three major buildings, maintaining a grove of Live Oaks, and uses construction germane to the contractor’s experience.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Cajun Industries, LLC

JFDS Scope

Landscape Architecture

Project Size

10 acres

Team Members

GraceHebert – Architecture