The Firm

Joseph Furr Design Studio, LLC (JFDS) was founded in 1996 on the principles of providing quality planning and landscape architectural services that are sensitive to the natural landscape, the community, the developer’s needs, and that also work within the context of the greater project. The experiences of JFDS are diverse and range from the development of parish-wide master plans and urban design projects, to golf course communities and major college stadium sports fields. The application of this experience to the project at hand is an important addition to the total assets of the TEAM. Perhaps the most important quality of JFDS is that the company sees itself as part of a larger team of clients, architects, engineers, contractors, and users to create environments that enhance the quality of life. To design, to create, to leave a legacy; this gives us purpose and drives our company toward the highest standards of design.

The Process

Our visioning process begins with the broadest ideas and ends with the resolution of the smallest details, requiring the development of relationships – between designers, owners, users and constructors. Landscape Architecture is an important part of any project and JFDS understands that successful design solutions call for balancing human needs with the total environment. JFDS recognizes each site’s inherent characteristics, opportunities, constraints, as well as the user’s goals and capabilities. Whether we are leaders of the team or not we encourage cooperative association with other professionals and disciplines for the integration of the best ideas into exciting, practical design solutions. The process develops consensus, our creativity develops form, and the relationship of the two provide for memorable spaces.